Mr. Arsen Idrisov has joined the Company in December, 2014. 

2008-2014 – Managing director and Board member of Alliance Oil Company Ltd. 

2006-2008 – Chairman of the Board of Directors of OJSC Alliance Oil Company.

2002-2014 - Board member of OJSC Alliance Oil Company. 

2002-2006 – President of OJSC Alliance Oil Company. 

2002-2008 – Vice-President of OJSC Alliance Group.

1999-2002 – Vice-president of CJSC Alliance Oil. 

1998-1999 – CEO of CJSC IK Alliance Capital.

1997-1998 – Adviser to the President of OJSC Sidanko.

1995-1997 - CEO of the Lia Oil’s Moscow agency.

1993-1995 – Marketing director, Lia Oil S.A. (Switzerland).

1988-1993 - The Russian Economic Academy named after G.V. Plekhanov, specialization "The international economic relations".


MR. Evgeny Ya. Vorobeichik, CEO of Russian Platinum LLC

Mr. Evgeny Vorobeichik has joined the Company in December, 2014

2010-2014 – Executive Director , later General Director of JSC Alliance Oil Management

2006-2010 - President of OJSC Alliance Oil Company 

1999- 2006 - Vice-president, then President of JSC Alliance Oil 

1996-1998 – Head of oil and oil department products realization at JSC Sidanko

In 1997 he was awarded the title "Honorary Oilman".

More than 15 years has worked for Kuibyshev Refinery Plant, having passed a way from the Operator, the Chief of installation to the Deputy head of production and realization department. 

In 1980 graduated from the Kuibyshev Polytechnic Institute majoring in "Chemical technology of oil and gas".



Mr. Magomed Adiev has joined the  Company in June, 2014.

2008-2014 - Director of the Supply Support Department in OJSC Alliance Oil Company.

1997-2008 - Managing positions in oil companies.

1994-1997 - Chief economist in the Consumer Industry Ministry of the Chechen Republic.

1993 - 1994 – Chief specialist in the Committee of State Property of the Chechen Republic.

In 1993, graduated from the Chechen State University with a degree in economics.

In 2005, graduated from the of Russian-German School of Business at the Academy of National Economy under supervision of the Russian Federation Government  with MBA, "Investment management and foreign economic activity" specialization.

Since 2005, Magomed Adiev is a Member of the Russian Union of Journalists.


MR. ARBY M. GAYRABEKOV, Deputy General Director for general corporate communications, RUSSIAN PLATINUM

Since 2011 Arby Gayrabekov has worked in LLC "ALITEK" as the Senior Deputy General Manager for strategic development. In 2012 Mr. Gayrabekov joined "Russian Platinum" Ltd. as Deputy General Director for the general corporate communications.

From 1995 to 2011 Mr. Gayrabekov held top positions at major construction companies.

Mr. Gayrabekov graduated from the Odesskiy Technological Institute named by M. Lomonosov in 1996 with degree in engineering and technology.

MR. Moskalenko I. Vladimir, Vice President, Government Relations and Public Organizations of Russian Platinum LLC


Mr. Vladimir Moskalenko has joined the Company in December, 2014.

2010-2014 - Vice President, Government Relations and Public Organizations of  LLC Alliance Oil Management

1998-2010 - Advisor to President, Chief Specialist of the Department of Government Relations and Public Organizations, the Vice-President of JSC Alliance Group.

1989-1997 - Deputy General Director of the Crimean association GoskomIntourist USSR.

1978-1989 - Senior Assistant of Bureau for International Youth Tourism "Sputnik" in Sumy OKLKSMU.

In 1982 graduated from the Higher School of the KGB named after F.E. Dzerzhinsky.



Since 2006, Mr. Polonyankin had been working for SRK Consulting – International mining consultancy group as Principal Geologist and held position of Head of Geology in SRK Consulting (Russia) Ltd. From 2001 to 2006 Mr. Polonyankin worked for mining companies LLC “AS Priisk Drazhniy” (“Uzhuralzoloto”) and LLC “Severstal-resource” as mining and resource geologist. From 1997 to 1999 he had been working for exploration company JSC “Krasnoyarskgeologiya” as a field geologist and after that, till 2001 he worked as Expert-gemologist in jewelry workshop.

Mr. Polonyankin graduated from the Krasnoyarskiy State Academy of Non-ferrous Metals and Gold as a geologist (MSc), to add to it, he has got an additional education as Gemologist in 1999.

Mr. Polonyankin is the Member of Australian Institute Mining and Metallurgy (MAusIMM) and has Chartered Professional accreditation in geology (GeoCP).

MR. Alexander F. Sutyagin, Executive Director of Russian Platinum LLC

Mr. Alexander Sutyagin has joined the Company in December 2014.

2006 -2014 - Senior Vice-President of JSC Oil Company Alliance , Executive Vice President of Oil company Alliance Management

2003-2006. - Vice-President,  Business activities development and coordinating of JSC "Oil Company Alliance

2000-2003 - General Director of Far Eastern Alliance

1995-1998 - Head of representative office of Lia Oil S.A. (Switzerland)

1980 to 1998 – Has graduated from the Kuibyshev Polytechnic Institute. Doctor of Technical Sciences.


MS. Olga M. Yakusheva, Finance Director of Russian Platinum LLC

Ms. Olga Yakusheva has joined the Company in December, 2014.

2008-2014 – Finance director of JSC Alliance Oil Company, Finance director of JSC Alyans Oil Company Management.

2000-2008 – Chief accountant of JSC Alliance Oil Company.

1998-2008 – Chief accountant of JSC Alliance Group.

1996-1998 – Head of Export-import transactions department, then Deputy Chief accountant of Sidanko Oil Company.

1989-1996 – Senior manager on finance of accounts department of VAO Neftekhimeksport

In 1979 has graduated from the Moscow Electrotechnical Institute of Communication (MEIC).

In 2004 has graduated from the Russian Federation State Tax Academy of the Ministry of Taxes and Duties in "Accounting, Accounting and Audit specialization, Economist qualification.